Date Night Outfits

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This is a very comfortable, yet cute date night look. It has been worn by people like Bethany Mota on YouTube as an outfit idea for a date. The printed leggings adds a fun touch to this look, while the grey top still adds some simplicity to it. Just add a cute necklace, like this owl one, and some combat boots, and you are all set for this cute and flirty date night look!!



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The mix of these black and white colors create an elegant and flirty look for a date night. Pair a dress like this with some black heals and wedges for a flirty touch, add some statement bracelets and earrings to finish this elegant look off.

blog post 2 image 4

For this last and final look I decided to go for something more sexy. Pair a short black dress like this one with some black heels, an elegant necklace, some pearl earrings, and a black clutch for a sexy and playful kind of look.

I hope you enjoyed these few ideas for a date night look, and that you might find some inspiration in them. Look forward to some more fun ideas to try soon!!! And remember: Fuel the look, fuel the desire!! Stay golden!




2 thoughts on “Date Night Outfits

  1. stephankusel says:

    Hi I really enjoyed reading this post, could you do a post on date night outfits for guys. I have this awesome girlfriend and I would like to spoil her to a special night out, is it possible to include some ideas for an awesome date-night aswell, I really love this girl and want to show her how much she maens to me.
    Thanks, you’re the best


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